Sunglass Leash

ColourPunch (Purple)

Never lose your sunnies again.

Stays on and stays afloat. Boat days, beach v-ball, extreme dance floors ... keep your fave shades secure.

  • Like a teeny, tiny life jacket for your shades
  • Adjustable to keep your sunglasses secure on your head 
  • Yup, this strap floats, sholud you dive off your boat
  • Go hands free! Hang your glasses around your neck
  • Mix and match to your swimsuit
  • Made from Smoothing Dream Fabric™ - 46% nylon, 38% polyester, 16% 

Designed in Vancouver, Canada, made in Taiwan.

Brights Insanely Comfortable Fit™SmoothingDream Fabric™


Comfortable Fit™

Dream Fabric™

Have a nice swim

Have a nice swim