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We believe in a life where nothing holds you back, especially your swimsuit. So we designed a swim (surf, fun) suit that can keep up with you, is easy to care for, and feels amazing on. It’s about time. We think you deserve it.


We have high standards for our material and trims around here. In order to design a suit that is your ultimate go-to, it had to be of premium quality and to live up to all of our needs/wants/demands and dreams.



Our Smoothing Dream Fabric is from Italy. We are using it for a few very specific and awesome reasons. You can count on this fabric to be compressive (when wet & dry) and for smoothing coverage... read: it will hide any cellulite and feels like b-u-t-t-e-r on the body. It will hold up to sunny conditions without fading and handle that chlorine to salt water and even hot tub life. And it’s snag resistant too, because sometimes a girl has to sit on the pool deck - right?



We’re all about insanely comfortable fit. At LOF we're leveraging our years of design expertise to ensure our straps stay put, our seams don’t rub, our suits don’t dig, and our fit makes you feel like a superhero. We paired our fabric with super soft threads and long-lasting elastics, and reinforced all the stress points. These are quite possibly the most comfortable suits on the planet.


Lifestyle Tested

AKA can the suit keep up with your life (and style) wash after wash, dive after dive, lap after lap (you get the drift right?). We test the heck out of our fabric and styles to ensure our swimsuits never let you down. Our goal is to allow you to get up to epic good times, not keep you from them.


Designed in Vancouver, Canada. Made in California, USA. From Italian fabrics.

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