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Top Shelf - Aperol + Wear To Bottom - Zinc

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Designed specifically for the D+ girls!

Just the right amount of space and coverage (front, side and back) to keep you secure but still feeling sexy. A snug no-dig band and super soft straps for all day comfort. 100% premium, cheers to that!

Insanely Comfortable Fit 
  • Square front, medium coverage bikini top. 
  • Made for the D+ boobs
  • No-dig band, super soft straps. 
  • We’ve been told it's a game changer. Read the reviews. 
  • #Producttested with 35 active women ranging from S - XL, ribcages 27-38", busts 31-45" (cups D - G).
  • What size am I? Size Chart.
  • Compare to other styles here.

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