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Double Scoop Top - Sweet Chili Heat (Size S) + Hi Hi Bottom - Sweet Chili Heat (Size XS)

Double Scoop Top



Sweet Chili Heat (Red)



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Warning: you may never take this top off!

Meet the softest straps in the world ... paired with a no-dig bra band (#nodiggitynodoubts) and this top is officially your pool go-to. And let's be honest, it'll be your fave bra too.

Insanely Comfortable Fit 
  • Scoop front, medium coverage bikini top
  • No-dig band, super soft straps.
  • Good for small to D boobs. 
  • If you could be in a relationship with a swim top, this would be your long term boyfriend. 
  • What size am I? Size Chart.
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