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Double Scoop Suit *Tall - Sweet Chili Heat

Double Scoop Suit *Tall



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We took the classic scoop and made it cult.

Major strap-provements happening to this style. Firstly, they stay on. Secondly, they hold back any possible backfat “situations.”

Insanely Comfortable Fi
  • A favorite of post-competitive swimmers out there…
  • Great for big boobs, medium bum coverage/high cut leg though, one piece swimsuit. 
  • Swim for miles in this one piece swimsuit (and feel sexy while doing it - ahem, Speedo).
  • Tall, means it’s longer in length (aka long torso swimsuit), great for the long torso’s in the house. Also offered in regular length 
  • What size am I? Size Chart
  • Compare to other styles here 

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