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Double Scoop Suit - Jet (Size S)

Double Scoop Suit


Colour: Jet (Black)

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We took the classic scoop and made it cult.

Major strap-provements happening to this style. Firstly, they stay on. Secondly, they hold back any possible backfat “situations.

Our TALL length is about 1.5 inches longer, roughly one size longer in length. This means the small TALL = the fit of the small but the length of a medium.

Insanely Comfortable Fit ™
  • A favourite of post-competitive swimmers out there …
  • Great for big boobs, medium bum coverage/high cut leg
  • Swim for miles in this one piece swimsuit (and feel sexy while doing it - ahem, Speedo)
  • What size am I? Size Chart
  • Compare to other styles here 

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Designed in Vancouver. Made in California + Taiwan.

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